Tuesday, December 23, 2008

days before christmas

i am so sad i am missing the crazy snow in portland. it better blizzard when i get back! (photo by lucky freezing graham)

i bought this great little zine from the ponies today :) i am so excited to read it!

also, i mixed up a few of my etsy orders! ugh i am so sorry to those folks it affected. i am so busy, but mostly i am a huge dunce so i whole heartedly apologize. i know how much it sucks to be expecting things in the mail that don't get there right! when it's all sorted out i will add an extra present to your order to make up for it. thank you for being so nice and understanding!xo

i'm taking a break until the new year (though i will continue shipping orders if more are made, and mending the few that went on the fritz) to paint, regroup, visit my awesome friends and drink a few pints of the black stuff. by the beginning of the bright new year i will have prints, new painted lockets and brooches in the shop! until then, i'll leave y'all with this wonderful clip from one of my favorite 90s shows, northern exposure:

much love, merry holidays and wonderful NEW year to you all!

love love love, rebecca

Monday, December 22, 2008

pictures speak louder

for maximum holiday vibes, view large :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

art shows in winter (better late than never)

here is part of the window design (and flyer) i did at together gallery for their holiday show "family quilt", the window creatures are of my milkyway spirits and i even covered the floor of the window in a blanket of snow!

david and pinski enjoying the cookies and pabst. a lot.

the show was beautiful.

there were singalongs and hugs afterwards where we all howled like wolves! really!

mimi and graham danced! hahaha

and while we're on the subject of art shows i forgot to post about, here is a picture of theo as a house from our show at ponyclub gallery this past november.

yay :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


i updated the shop with new lockets!

take a look if you like :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

i missed christmas snow

i am one grumpy girl.
so portlandeers, i hear it snowed and i missed it since i'm in LA (land of eternal sunshine and concrete parkinglots)! bah humbug!
i have never seen the sky snow so it makes me cranky to have missed it.
i suppose it will snow again since it's supposed to be one cold winter, so i should look on the sunny...er, flurry side of things.

besides missing snow (and portland) it done been a rough couple of days here in the southlands, so i decided to treat myself to some nice things as i am in dire need of them:

super cute!
firstly, new perfume by l'occitane because my old one ran out. the packaging just gets more adorable, it has a little parade of elephants and giraffes around the bottle! also i bought an old, framed, TAXIDERMED BAT HEAD (not pictured, but by far my favorite purchase!!!), mod podge, and other lovely art supplies (the bulk of my spending always goes to art supply stores). i thrifted the sweater, records and amazing wwII book. there are some absolutely incredible pictures in that thing. also starring in this picture are my old standbys: my copy of walden courtesy of sir graham, ye olde secret strawberry, trusty red mittens, chris' map and my compass.
i would feel guilty about all my purchases because i never EVER splurge like this, but what the hell. i just got paid and have more commissions ready to ship off. also i didn't even go over $65 on everything combined, so hooray for retail therapy!

in other news, it's actually really raining here which is a rarity indeed, and i woke up sick with an increasingly stinging throat so i think i am going to watch meteorshowers and ghost videos on youtube (favorite indoor pastime), paint and drink tea.
look at those stars! my goodness we live in a beautiful world.

love, rebecita

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


tomorrow i am leaving for los angeles to see my family for the holidays.
since i am leaving quite soon we (graham and me) had an early christmas :)

he made me this beautiful drawing. it's your's truly riding a swan and brandishing a sword and drinking tea all at once! while i am being captain obvious with that last sentance i shall point out that obviously it is very true to life.

amongst other wonderful things he also gave me this beautiful copy of walden.
graham if'n you are reading this i will miss you dreadfully :(
julianna i miss you dreadfully!
family if you are reading this i am so happy to be hugging you soon! :)

love always, rebecca

p.s. more lockets and goodies are going to be up in the shop soon! also everything is being shipped off tomorrow for those kind folks who bought something, thank you so much! xo

Sunday, December 7, 2008

now we are six

i was tagged by miss julianna to say 6random things about myself:
1)i skipped a grade
2)i can wiggle the right part of my nose
3)i believe in ghosts
4)i've been in one fistfight
5)i have never ridden a horse
6)i can easily eat a sandwich the size of my head and still be hungry

also this is probably one of the most beautiful songs i've heard in a long ole time. it's deer tick singing "dirty dishes" in a cramped bathroom in the late afternoon.

love, rebecca

p.s. wowee! i need to make more ghost guides! thank you so much everyone :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008


i am officially on etsy!

so far i have several of my lovingly, painsakenly handpainted lockets and my ghost guide zines. i'll be adding original paintings and prints in the very near future, and adding more lockets this upcoming week.
take a look if you like :)


love, rebecca


winter in mountainy oregon (while i carry a meteorite home)

also, i hear that this treehouse my friends and i built inside backspace last summer is still up! rumor has it that it is now a dj booth?!

i am starting to get in serious christmas mode, so there have been many christmas songs abound. this one especially :)

oh, and here is a picture of my new hair cut!!! they cut off a good 12 inches worth so i could give it to locks of love. yayyy i love having short hair!

love, rebecca

Monday, December 1, 2008


hello december! i am sure you are busy looking like this on a mountain somewhere:

speaking of mountains, here is one of my favorite poems. it is by mark yakich.

here is a painting i made about it in march:

julianna is baking a delicious smelling bread in the kitchen, so i think i will go investigate now.

love, rebecca