Friday, June 5, 2009

what i did today because it rained and i felt "blerg"

watched favorite movies to feel inspired and worked on new painted locket/drawing ideas.


then i wasted time, but whatever! these things are so fun, virtual dress up! i wish i had all these things for summer and while i'm wishin' i'd like to have a drink with steinbeck (we could talk about california and i have some questions about "the winter of our discontent") and a tumbleweed home to travel around in before settling in the wilderness next to a river somewhere.
ok time to go eat broccoli and hang out with graham and then probably collapse in a heap.
hope you're all good.
love, rebecca


  1. ooh i love that film! so quircky. is it from a movie? lovely.
    & your collage is lovely. :)

  2. One of my favourite pieces by Sylvia Plath, you can never read her enough.

  3. yep! it's from the czech new wave film daisies.
    ohh yes i love her too