Sunday, August 30, 2009

tea time soon

soon it will be fall. this makes me incredibly happy because i am the kind of person who thrives and smiles in cold weather and am also the kind of person who prefers to eat apples, soup and oven baked squash for almost all meals. i wish i could find that hat the girl in the above photo is wearing. i wish i could dress like that all the time! i suppose i could always learn to crochet or knit it...

i found my favorite beer in a cute tiny bottle last night (which was also a very fun night with julianna and graham at a THIS very lovely french cafe). you have to drink it (the fancy beer) out of a special cup!

tonight? ships.
tomorrow? possibly an art museum. also a lot of work. 2 very big shows, trips, and my birthday are coming up!

i love that there is a huge tree outside my window. at night and in the morning it goes "shhh whoosh shhh"

love, rebecca

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

la fille du soleil

it is embarassing how much i listen to this song on a daily basis.
and watch the video.
and maybe try to dance to it a little bit.
i love it!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

an update, finally!

finally got around to updating the shop again (after a minor shoulder injury this week and other nonsense), take a look if you like :) there are some new designs and new prints as well!
i am going to start updating every week instead of once every 2 months like a little slug.

it's hotter than pancakes here (i wish it was fall so bad right now, i wilt in hot weather). graham and i have been re-painting the floorboards, hiding in our room with the fan full blast and soon we'll be eating fancy sandwiches for dinner. a good, sturdy, productive day!

i often replay this scene in my head from "el espiritu de la colmena". it makes me so happy and oddly sad at the same time. i've always had a love of train scenes and the theme of frankenstein, so i guess it makes sense.

toot toot!

love, rebecca

Saturday, August 15, 2009

dream bean

today julianna and i went out and basically ate delicious food all the live long day! we even brought some home. i feel very fancy eating french macarons, but besides being fancy they are also rewarders of taste buds.

and then i got my dream summer bag for $2 :)

then i played my xylophone. i found it with my buddy raquel (good egg royalty) before i moved to oregon and it makes me really happy. i should figure out how to make a video so i can show off the songs i know.

i'm awful sorry for my lack of etsy updates and empty update promises, and appreciate the emails i have gotten. i haven't forgotten! i have some pretty big shows coming up and painting, while my favorite thing in the world to do, sucks up a lot of my time. i have lockets painted and prints being re-made so it's going to happen by moonday. no more empty promises!

love, rebecca

p.s. i hope you are all dandy

things to do in a crystal cave

dance dance

Monday, August 10, 2009

mountain idle days

re-arranged some things in my room, found the best scissors, got magic shy plants that curl up when you touch them, saw my tias, wore coyote teeth and now i am going to go watch a movie about the moon with wee graham.
i also got a fig tree! i named her "buddy" and she's gorgeous.

i like what little edie has to say.

love, rebecca

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

we discovered the ghost machine

a new painting i did in which my littlest brother and i discover a ghost machine and feed it magic crystals while i turn the gold crank. candles are needed for séance purposes. the mountain turnip spirit is concerned.
back to work!
p.s. click the image to see it larger :)