Tuesday, September 29, 2009

cumpleaños countdown

it is my birthday tomorrow!
even though i am getting insanely old (turning 23 is kinda unfathomable right now, i am a grownup?), i love birthdays. i have been alive and well for another year. i am given things like pie and chimay and sugar skulls and teapots and small harmless explosives. i get to have a little party and celebrate becoming alive. fall is the best time to be born.
here's what i have been up to right on the edge of 23:

going through and looking at what i was up to at this time last year. last year i was a radish.

now it's tea and mountain streams.
love, rebecca

p.s. a good song to be 23 to, or be anything to.


  1. Happy birthday little lady! Let's drink until we fall down in a tiny heap!

  2. happy birthday, girl! here's to another year of teacups and magicbirds.

  3. Happy birthday, cutie pie.
    xoxo Sprinkle

  4. The happiest of days! I wish we lived closer so we could be real-life friends!

  5. Happy "belated" birthday! I just found your blog and Etsy shop. Love it!
    ~ Lindy