Friday, September 4, 2009

summer wrapup

my very fast, quiet summer in a few fleeting moments. my work desk, cake, portland roses, ponds, my mama's visit and picnics, and gardening.

and my new fall song.
today graham and i ate breakfast sandwiches with tomatoes and basil and made tea with the lemon balm and mint, all from our garden. i am officially in full blown painting flip out mode and it feels good.

love, rebecca


  1. haha, that was my spring song! I have yet to find a fall song.

  2. we should learn how to make cheese. Then our sandwich making powers would be complete.

    Hi! I am never going to see you again because your painting things will carry you away.

  3. Aww, your desk & photos remind me of your art... You have a very clear aesthetic & that is something to cherish. Keep it up, darling.

  4. oh, your blog is lovely! and hey, you like blitzen trapper? i have just discovered their music when a I have seen them live on a festival, but I really enjoyed it, so maybe I should buy the cd... mhm.

    anyway, I love you blog, your thoughts, the pictures you post and most the yummie food (:

  5. hello rebecca! i luffff you.
    it looks like your summer was absolutely beautiful.

  6. Love your blog!

  7. j: haha i know! i am slow to the furr party. hm. did that sound obscene?
    g: we can make little pieces of goat cheese. my nani knows how. do you have a place for us to milk a goat friend?
    sprinkle: thank you! :)
    caitlin: hi caitlin! i luff you too! i did not know you were on blogger, hooray!! <3

  8. What kind of pencils were those (towards the top)? More importantly, where can i buy some? I love pencils! Thanks for any info.