Monday, November 16, 2009

cozy posey

i really love my yellow wooly sweater from the 25 cent bin. i wear it almost everyday. i just had to let you know.
graham and i have decided to be slugs today and play a million hours of video games (i am addicted to earthbound now that the weather has been too rainy for me to even attempt afternoon constitutionals to mt. tabor), eat a bunch of greenbeans, work on painting, and bake more rosemary bread. he is the best person to be a slug with. he will sit with you being awesome for hours.

a long overdue, and very exciting shop update is coming this week! i am so excited for this one.

love, rebecca

p.s. the lovely picture of me cutting things out is by julianna, and the little cute cut out creatures are anja's.


  1. i'm so happy to see these updates on your blogger finally!

    sweet. can't wait to see the etsy additions!

  2. i agree, i'm really excited to see your name on the google reader again!

    i also love the sweater

  3. So, would wearing your yellow cardigan make you a banana slug? Deep thoughts for all of us to consider...

  4. love the 2nd picture!! sooo nice! and your yellow vest looks pretty!

  5. Yes yes yes, I am so happy that I have found your superb blog. Your photos are extraordinary and I love them!

    Peace & Love

    Agneta & Sweden

  6. Looks very nice at your place, love the sweater too!

  7. thanks everyone, i am so happy i got it to work!
    mimi, come over and we can play sonic the hedgehog for hours