Tuesday, November 10, 2009

niña roja

i realized i often carry a lot of red things.
mittens, binoculars, canteen, makeup bag (with red lipcolor inside!), secret strawberry, umbrella.

when i paint, draw and write, i often (and lately, almost exclusively) listen to sacred harp singing, or "sharp note" sung hymns. it's the most haunting and joyful sounding music i've ever heard.
1*sung in a brick church with high windows and grandparents
2*sung in a bright room with families
3*sung on a cold february night

love, rebecca


  1. OMG!!! i totally forgot about that!
    it's because it's the best color ever.

  2. i've got the very same pair of binoculars if you switch red for black. red's a very good color to carry around, i think.

  3. your mittens are the loveliest ♥
    i have the sudden wish to buy lots of red now!

  4. i can see you on my google reader now! oh i am so happy!

    xo meagan

  5. i wonder what is in that secret strawberry!

  6. Ah what lovely red things :)

    yum yum yum