Friday, November 6, 2009

todo los dolores

after a self induced, internal hissyfit, i re-ribboned my old typewriter from the 20s again. works like a charm. i felt better.

completed the family tree in our room.
then i looked at beautiful things i have saved to graham's computer

a travel home for wanderlusters, desert rocks and mountains. i will never get tired of looking at or drawing mountains.
p.s. it has been brought to my attention my posts have not updated themselves in anyone's google reader thingy for almost a year! does anyone know how i can fix this?


  1. Just to let you know that I think you fixed your google reader issue... this post just showed up in mine. :)

  2. Guess who shows up on Google Reader now!

  3. Ah, your back!!!

    Lemme know if you need some help..ahem..adding a rss/subscriber thingy/button to your blog (cough,cough.)

  4. your blog is beautiful! love these metalpaper things!

  5. thanks you guys, i am glad it's working!
    hi janis! i probably will, i will be emailing you shortly :)
    mieke willems, i love your blog too, it's one of my favorites. the little paper/metal guys are from mexico.