Saturday, January 24, 2009

snow snow snow!!!

i have never seen snow really fall from the sky until today. i ran outside in my pjs and took a ton of pictures on my film camera. snow is magic! i ate a snowflake that looked like this *

today, i also re-read some walt whitman who has to have had one of the most beautiful and complicated hearts in existance.

love, rebecca

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

robotic uprising+russell crowe=pie

i had a dream evil lego robots invaded los angeles and i had to take shady buses at night (through the ole south central stompin' grounds) to shady people who could help me find ways to their destruction. it turns out the only way to stop the robotic uprising was for me to wear silver shoes and be russell crowe's date to the academy awards. so i did that and ended up stealing plans from a fountain and then it snowed and a black cat hung out with me in the freezing weather. all evil robots froze up and i ate some blackberry pie!

ok i am going to go watch this wonderful movie and finish paintings now :)

love, rebecca

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2009 rhymes with marshmallow

hello and a belated happy new year!
i have been hard at work making new things for etsy, working on upcoming shows and other exciting stuff. it's been kind of a stressful and anxiety filled week (and it's only wednesday), so i really hope i can get things rolling again and feel better soon.

i have been humming this song a whole lot.

i cannot stop marveling at the amazing beauty of this painting by josefa de obidos. i wish i could find a poster of it somewhere or the museum it lives in so i can see it in person. her work has been incredibly inspiring for me lately.
to sum up the new year, 2008 was the absolute worst and best year of my life. 2009 looks very mysterious and interesting, and is starting as the polar opposite of what last year was. it's full of wonderful people already so that's a very good start! i hope yours is just as mysterious and wonderful.
ok 2009 here we go!