Monday, March 30, 2009

neighborhood #1

here are some photos i took of my visit so far.
los angeles is pretty rad right now. i love you and everyone! sometimes i hate this place, but i am still strangely proud and affectionate of the place i'm from. it's a weird feeling, but a lot of us have it.
spring is here! i want to paint things white and buy cream colored wool coats and little woven shoes and tins of chamomile. i've bought wildflower honey (to go with my tea of course) at open market recently, and it's probably the best i've ever had. it's harvested from this little mountaintop bee utopia! open markets here are so beautiful, they always end up being sunny and smell like strawberries, honey and dirt. it reminds me of when i used to live in the farmlands.
later in the week is going to be GREAT. raquel (my ultimate buddy) and i are probably going to have a celebratory pinata party bash out. friends united again!
pictures from utah are coming, but in the meantime here are some hangman games my brother chris and i played while stuck in awful traffic:

oh dear.
i hope you're all hunky dory, also that you too may one day taste wildflower honey.

love, rebecca

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

speak in code

i have been looking all over for different kinds of codes to try, here are a few i have found and saved to my computer:

vagabond codes!

also a few weeks ago julianna and me went to evan b harris' awesome studio to draw on a mega huge scroll. it was fun! thanks for having us evan!

and then we got organic! frozen! yogurt! that was amazing. mine is the packed little strawberry one.
(i stole these pictures from julianna, she is pretty much my personal life document-er).

i'm working on new stuff for etsy, hopefully all up in the shop by early next week. scout badges of courage for the not so courageous, originals, surprises...

love, rebecca

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009


here is what my brothers and i look like to you from a moving train.
trips home are nice. my little brothers are here too! it's good to be home with everyone under the same roof. i am a little sad this piece sold because i wanted to give it to my mom, but i am sure it is in a wonderful home.

this is how i feel sometimes when i get worried about things like mail/war/global warming/hydrogenated soybean oil/being a helpful and productive member of the world.
on a lighterrrr note

i'd like to do this all over our (julianna and my) apartment. i am in spring re-decoration mode. when i get back i am going to haunt the bins.

maybe i'll find a haunted piano! only if it was a nice ghostie though.
speaking of ghosties, my brothers are going to try to record evps tonight! spooky!
tomorrow if all goes according to plan, i am going to my beloved downtown to buy bootleg movies and eat mangoes on a stick :)

love, rebecca

Saturday, March 14, 2009

as promised

this weekend's etsy update! sorry it's a little late in coming, today had unplanned (but fun) hectic-ness.

new lockets and a few super limited brooches.

also a fresh and hefty reprint of ghost guides too. they go well with morning tea :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

oh wow ok!

my family got me a suprise visit home to los angeles next week! we are driving all over and i will be doing everything from making burritos to hiking canyons to eating strawberries in beach caves to taking trains to seeing raquelllll and wearing summer clothes in her orange trees and hanging out with her black cat! i will also be doing art business stuff while there too so it's going to be nonstop fun. i am jamming this all into two weeks.

mostly i've been spring cleaning things. i was thinking of painting my room white, but i decided i like it yellow. it will stay yellow, it makes me happy.

i have this song by Ólöf arnalds in my head a lot.

soon the weather will we warmer and i will make (and devour like the gordita i am) this pie with the blackberries that grow under our kitchen window, but sadly not tomorrow. i can't WAIT.
list of tomorrows:
*tomorrow i get a haircut
*tomorrow a big shop update happens. lots of new lockets and ghost guides!
*tomorrow i will eat acorn squash on my roof
*tomorrow i will bring sick graham noodles (have i infected him?! muahaha!)
*tomorrow i will walk to mt.tabor
*tomorrow, somewhere, someone will do something kind

i wanted to share these things too before i go:

love, rebecca

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

let's build a spaceship and find our own planet

still a bit sick, but on the mend!
julianna and i agree that this is how everyone around us sounds and probably how we sound too.
also, if you've ever taken the 15 bus in portland, they really do look like they want to bite your ankles.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

bitty update!

i have updated the shop with some new fox in the snows :)

a huge update is coming up this weekend, including some painted brooches!
i apologize if shipping within the u.s. is taking a tad longer, i shipped out my stuff a little later than usual due to me being really sick and unable to sit up very long, let alone go outside.

good news for tomorrow:
*finally, a doctor visit
*more sleep


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

eating up the scum is the hardest thing for me to do

hi guys
well i have become full blown awful sick again and i've needed to lay down (especially after i finish today's ton of errands), a rarity in rebeccaland! that being said, the shop update comes tomorrow, i promise. paintings and commissions are to be put on hold for a day or two. i need to sleep and take medicine so i stop relapsing. it's really frustrating to lay down when so much stuff needs to be done, but oh well. my only consolations are moomin coming in the mail,

also i will have tea with honey, also i will read coraline in bed.
before i go do dreaded errands and conk out, here's one of the drawings i did for an upcoming show in honolulu:

in which i am punished for forgetting lent and transformed into a grumpy lumpy of ginger.
i love drawing. i still can't help myself and need to use paint, but it's just so fun.
hope you're all well!

love, rebecca

Sunday, March 1, 2009

poo sunday

it looks like this outside which i love.
i always have big plans for sundays.
so naturally everything i needed to do today kicked me in the shin, and i spent this sunday sitting on my arse. UGH. the good news is lockets are done as well as ghost guides, and ready to be in the shop tomorrow. the sad news (besides being less productive than i prefer) is that my camera is old and uncooperative. i am hoping that tomorrow it will be willing to photograph things.

these flowers are growing all around our house, i love them, they look very fairy-like. i am told they are normal spring flowers, and they're amazing. i never saw anything like this in los angeles!
i cannot remember where i found this recipe, but i think i'm going to have to make it soon because everytime i think about it i get hungry:

i have felt pretty out of sorts lately. i blame bacteria, viruses, insomnia, indulging my hermit tendencies and lack of frozen yogurt. hopefully this week will be better. it's march! also it's been windy which i sincerely hope will turn into a crazy storm. i loves me a crazy storm.

this song never gets old :)
happy march everyone! go plant some seeds.

love, rebecca