Sunday, April 26, 2009

canyons and sore shoulders and homecomings!

pictures of my canyon trip a few weeks ago. i wish it had been warmer so i could have gone swimming in the river! chris (my littlest brother) and i went off trails to go exploring for interesting things to photograph, but also because we love exploring in wilderness and wanted to cross the river a couple times. the water was so brutally cold i didn't know whether to laugh or cry so i did both.
i love that beehive state to no end. here's a painting i did about it last year. it's beekeepers fulfilling their prophecies and sometimes getting baptized:

also i am back in portland now! finally! my shoulder is killing me! despite this, i am having a very good time even if all i can do is sit around in bed or at the kitchen table writing stories about colossal squids and misunderstood, friendly zombies who are nothing more than living dead earthworms, and treacherously brave deciduous forest queens with anger issues. also i am plotting paintings because i have some huge shows/work coming up. i get exhausted and overjoyed just thinking about it.
here's a really funny story that i like and a new sufjan stevens song i like a lot too.
ok time to bake me some rosemary bread!

love, rebecca

Thursday, April 16, 2009

retail therapy

shoulder surgery+other stuff+this week= pain and sorrow
however, good candy, apple juice, painting your nails and toes tomato red, *new camera*, and new lemonade sweater make up for it. sometimes it's nice to treat yourself.

by the way, would you rather:
be a glow or a spark?
be a mountain or a river?
keep the way you look or look like someone else?
keep the way i look
eat strawberries or raspberries?
contact a ghost or leave well enough alone?
be passenger or driver?
passenger. i am terrified of learning to drive.
grow your hair long like a blanket or cut it short to be free?
short to be free, but maybe i'll want a blanket again someday.

how about you? i am painting the results including mine and maybe making a booklet.

love, rebecca

p.s. i love lullatone

Saturday, April 11, 2009

valerie and her week of wonders

there are no words to describe my love for this story by vítězslav nezval. it was written during the czech surrealist movement of the 30s, and is one of my favorite novels of all time. it is my favorite film of all time in my favorite genre of all time (say yes to czech new wave!). it is my favorite soundtrack/album of all time. it has vampires. it's one of the most inspiring things i have ever seen. it's beautiful.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

springtime woo!

a beautiful rachel comey scarf that probably costs more than my rent.

easter shoes!
these are the beautiful comfy things i wish were mine.

one of my favorite and most sacred albums ever, especially for springtime. i've been singing this wherever i go, which is kind of embarassing because i sing like a tiny cat (in a remarkably uncharming way) and because i forget where i choose to sing like a tiny cat which is pretty much anywhere (such as the grocery store) as patient graham or various family members may tell you.

i like whitman advice.

in other news life is weird but good. i am really frustrated with the portland postal system. i have a couple packages i've sent out and packages i was meant to recieve go missing, packages damaged that they notified me that needed to be re-sent, and it isn't the first time!!! my friends have had this problem recently too and it's making me homicidal and broke.
shoulder surgery on monday! i am kind of scared but it'll be ok. then i go home home home thank goodness!
currently i am planning to paint portraits of abigail adams' ghost appearing in the night to an 11 year old girl cheating her way through bible school and amelia earhart's last hours in her plane. i am fascinated by them. they lived so practically and courageously, but i view them as these fantastic, almost mythical creatures. saints for the practical maybe? hm that's an interesting thought.
anywho, i hope all is well on your spring frontier!

love, rebecca

Saturday, April 4, 2009

:) & :(

i am sick AGAIN. i can't even believe this. i'd like to fire my immune system and replace it with chuck norris thank you very much good day.
anywho i love this song a whole lot lately (ironically called "i feel better").

this is one of the most beautiful things i've seen this week.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

april fools didn't happen

i believe i may have found my dream sweater.
my hair is getting cut short short short for spring and summer!

i miss my past gardens. this is part of the one i had when i lived in the farmlands a few years back. i can't wait to get started planting things. i don't know if we have a whole lot of room to grow much (which i am ok with because it means a crapload of delicious blackberries in the summertime), but i think we could plant a few useful herbs for tea and cooking including english lavender, as well as some already partly grown tomatoes and chives. it's weird to pay closer attention to seasons and planting because in california you can plant stuff like tomatoes and berries almost year round, you got to be more careful in portland!

it turns out i need to stay longer in l.a. for a minor shoulder surgery. i am not looking forward to this at all, but i am glad to be with my friends longer. i am also glad because then i will feel 100% better and not in painnnn. the only bad thing about the wait is that i am so antsy when i don't have all my painting materials with me and miss everyone in portland. i want to fix up my home and plant things!
today i realized i like the way my age sounds. twenty two. twennytoo. twunty tu. i am getting quite old, but i don't grow vertically anymore which might be a good thing because then we would have giant old folks.

what else am i up to? drawin', singin', nothin'.