Wednesday, May 27, 2009

milksweet moths

here's parts of a new painting i did!
"the milksweet moths battle the vampire squid (we immediately regretted our harpoons)"
opening at one of my favorite galleries in L.A. today.

here's another for the beastmasters show opening also today in portland at guapo comics! i don't know what to call it so i called it " a very big bear". it's my first painting/drawing of the newest character that has made herself known to me, the vicious, deciduous forest queen who looks about 8 or 9 years old. i love drawing her, she always has a battle axe. also note the milkyway spirit napping beneath her! they're buddies for sure. you can see a better version here.

a new pretty summer scarf i got while thrifting with anja.

a honey/strawberry/brie crepe i ate that was delicious.
now it is time to be awesome!
also summer is here :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


i woke up from a dream singing today. in my dream i was surrounded by trees and it appeared to be summer because i felt warm and the sun was out. i could hear a church from far away and they were singing "angel band". it was a very nice dream even though it sounds like nothing exciting happened. i wish i could sing hymns in all my dreams, it made me really happy!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

etsy update finally!

there are brand new brooches, lockets (as well as some old favorites), original art and ghost guides in the shop today!
soon to come (as in this month): prints, badges of courage and magic sticks.

go look if you like!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

pot belly

things i have eaten today:
*butternut squash soup
*slice of toast
*a grape popsicle

things i suspect i will eat later today:
*rose macaroon
*tea or hazlenut coffee
*i hear that in the course of an average lifetime you will involuntarily eat 70 assorted insects including roughly 10 spiders, but hopefully none of that today

art and etsy stuff coming this week as promised! my room looks like a disaster from all the paint/paper/wood explosion, chugga chugga choo choo!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

kind of cold for may...

so i stayed inside and watched this movie. so should everyone!

i feel pretty lame for neglecting to update my etsy shop (it's been like over a month, and i appreciate your kind and semi-concerned emails, it's still open for business and will continue to be!) so i am working on that this week in addition to bracing myself for the upcoming hardcore paint schedule that usually is my summertime. so many shows happen in the summer, it's kind of wonderful! also i have 2 solo show dealies this year and it's kind of giving me a heart attack. also i am working on a book with stories and drawings. i do not know what i am doing with it yet, but it's fun.

in other news i had the best, most curious dreams ever last night. i can't even describe it, so i will paint a huge epic version of it and post it next week explaining what happened. i think either:
a)we have a wonderful ghost in our house who is trying to tell me something
b)i am off my rocker but seem to have pleasant thoughts every so often

maybe i'll bake some pink lady apple pie this week and try making some lavender honey ice cream. wish me luck!

love, rebecca
i love the above photo, does anyone know who made it?
happy cinco de mayoooo wooooo! it's kind of weird to not be in los angeles today being a little mexican girl and all, but i suppose i can buy a tall can of modelo and make a bean burrito :)