Monday, June 29, 2009

super productive fun times

i did new "draintings", made new lockets, fresh re-print of ghost guides and have done my first prints (all signed and with small symbols of encouragement since i do not like numbers, on very nice paper)! they are all up in my etsy shop now, and it is no longer empty.
(i almost typed "all up in my grill" instead of "all up in my etsy" which has made me laugh a lot. oh brain, what are you doing?).

third of all i am growing a cute little cactus family. i like cacti. they are tough and funny and grumpy and remind me of spring in rural arizona and utah (pretty much the #1 most missed places in rebeccaworld). they usually hang out with ferdinand, my taxidermy vampire bat head from indonesia.
love, rebecca

Saturday, June 20, 2009

central and remote

my new drawing/painting (drainting? yes) "wicked mountain". it's about little peb and i traveling to calm down wicked mountain spirits with the help of milksweet moths. it's like a little bedtime story from me to you, but in picture form :)

it will soon be up in my etsy along with prints, another re-print of ghost guides, lockets, brooches and all that good stuff. i think that's going to happen this coming wednesday or thursday. lotsa work! i feel awful for being such a hermit lately, more than usual due to my shoulder being kaput for so long, then stress and workloads. i need to see my awesome buddies more!

today julianna and i almost didn't have a yardsale due to a huge bout of apathy, but then we did! it turned out really well and i am glad for that.

in other news probably uninteresting to anyone but myself, i have decided to paint my room entirely minty white. like valerie.

june gloom lately, but good clientele weather, especially in the early morning and evenings. doncha think so?
love and rockets, rebecca

Saturday, June 13, 2009

it's the little things

lemon bars and nougat, the best veggie sandwiches in the whole world, paper kite, grand design in tiny things

p.s. my computer is dead and so is julianna's (within 2 weeks of each other! i think we have a poltergeist who hates technology) so forgive me if i don't respond to messages/emails/whathaveyou right away. we are all sharing graham's computer.

Friday, June 5, 2009

what i did today because it rained and i felt "blerg"

watched favorite movies to feel inspired and worked on new painted locket/drawing ideas.


then i wasted time, but whatever! these things are so fun, virtual dress up! i wish i had all these things for summer and while i'm wishin' i'd like to have a drink with steinbeck (we could talk about california and i have some questions about "the winter of our discontent") and a tumbleweed home to travel around in before settling in the wilderness next to a river somewhere.
ok time to go eat broccoli and hang out with graham and then probably collapse in a heap.
hope you're all good.
love, rebecca

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

in the middle of a dream

summer song but really an all the time song for everything