Thursday, October 29, 2009

i could take my little teeth out and show them a real good time

the show opens tonight! i am exhausted but really, really happy. i am o.k. with my work for the first time in awhile, and that feels good. everyone else's stuff looks awesome, and i wish our glitter mountain installation made of autumn sweaters was a real or at least findable place.

o.k. time to get ready and head out!
love, rebecca

p.s. happy birthday julianna (yesterday) and happy birthday anja (today)!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

brother you don't need to turn me away

i have new warm socks!
sock sock sock.

and had a very wonderful lunch consisting of:
*carrot ginger soup
*grilled swiss and tomato sandwich
*earl grey tea with bergamot
how nice huh? my belly sure thought so.

graham enjoys looking over my shoulder. hello graham! while i am on the subject of graham here is a little tiny raccoon skull he found in a river when was 9 and growing up in amish country. it hangs out in our room on the bookstand and it's one of my favorite things.

the show is coming in 4 days so i need to get to work again and stop reading pinecone folklore stories.
love, rebecca

p.s. how did animals in the snow tipped pines i find hatching from the seed of your thin mind all night?

Friday, October 23, 2009

oh there's trouble on my mind

i am in love with this song by ainjel emme. it makes me think of my cold days in the mountains (as seen above), and it is perfect. i have been a fan of her's since i was a teeny 11 year old with grass stained knees, and i am honored to not only be a huge fan of this mighty lady, but call her a friend.
i just realized it is nearly 5 a.m. here! sometimes not even tea, warm socks, or even reading moomin can cure my awful insomnia, so this is a good song to hum to at those times.

am i the only sleepless one? does anyone out there have abominable sleeping patterns too? i am surrounded by good, wholesome eggs who go to bed and wake up at reasonable hours so i feel like a black sheep.

love, rebecca the sleepless


look at this video of ainjel singing to the trees of oregon at night and freezing to death but shrugging it off admirably. she stayed with us recently because she was on a mini tour and i got to be camera lady (you can hear me cheer at the end) :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

super beans!

a new show is happening soon, mark yer calendars portland! it is my first time being a curator and i was rewarded with genius beans. i couldn't be prouder to be with such fine ladies.
love, rebecca

i think the show card turned out rather well, yes? mountain ouija spirits!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

but i got new ribbon now

i miss typing stories outside in the sun sometimes.
now this little guy sits on my painting desk where i write little notes to myself.

Friday, October 9, 2009


pumpkin belly after a trip to sauvie island with julianna and graham. see our new painted floorboards! they are rain cloud floors now, hooray :)

loudy writing quiet stories.
i have two favorite fall songs, maybe you will love them too?

lots of worries and busies but also lots of good things.
i cannot wait to share my stories and new paintings, especially because i think they have sucked up all the other words everywhere else in me. i think this is a good thing!

love, rebecca