Sunday, November 29, 2009

things i would like for the upcoming solstice

i am in love with the beautiful band taxi taxi! and they just came out with an ep! swoon swoon

a hot air balloon made of paper to set off over a lake with my friends

this shirt (it's a z made with an a! hehe)

a new bag

the beautiful cutting scissors from mieke willems shop

warm socks
someone to plant a tree for me, and a little yellow light for our wall so we can read in bed without getting blinder.
i really love making lists of things i would like, but i have an achey cold (must've caught it in the airport), a wounded knee, many paintings to make and a spotty phone, so now i will go tend to those for awhile. probably while watching this, this, or THIS.

love always and happy belated thanksgiving!, rebecca

Sunday, November 22, 2009

i sound my barbaric yawp! sort of.

tomorrow i am traveling to the wilderness of PA with graham for thanksgiving! it will be my first time "back east" in my whole life.
thanksgiving and imagined memories of back east make me think of dead poets and yawping. BARBARIC YAWPING! see:

i should be packing, but i've been updating my shop after a nearly 3 month delay (and figuring out how to take my work on the road), procrastinating urgent chores, and doing shots of airborne to stomp the germs out of me.

well, anyway here is a teeny shop update. there is one new special and very limited print (once they are gone it's gone forever)! newer prints are coming in exactly a week as are some holiday and winter solstice things.
whee! yawp!

love, rebecca
p.s. oh please listen to this song, it's so beautiful it's a cryin' shame.

Monday, November 16, 2009

cozy posey

i really love my yellow wooly sweater from the 25 cent bin. i wear it almost everyday. i just had to let you know.
graham and i have decided to be slugs today and play a million hours of video games (i am addicted to earthbound now that the weather has been too rainy for me to even attempt afternoon constitutionals to mt. tabor), eat a bunch of greenbeans, work on painting, and bake more rosemary bread. he is the best person to be a slug with. he will sit with you being awesome for hours.

a long overdue, and very exciting shop update is coming this week! i am so excited for this one.

love, rebecca

p.s. the lovely picture of me cutting things out is by julianna, and the little cute cut out creatures are anja's.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

niña roja

i realized i often carry a lot of red things.
mittens, binoculars, canteen, makeup bag (with red lipcolor inside!), secret strawberry, umbrella.

when i paint, draw and write, i often (and lately, almost exclusively) listen to sacred harp singing, or "sharp note" sung hymns. it's the most haunting and joyful sounding music i've ever heard.
1*sung in a brick church with high windows and grandparents
2*sung in a bright room with families
3*sung on a cold february night

love, rebecca

Friday, November 6, 2009

todo los dolores

after a self induced, internal hissyfit, i re-ribboned my old typewriter from the 20s again. works like a charm. i felt better.

completed the family tree in our room.
then i looked at beautiful things i have saved to graham's computer

a travel home for wanderlusters, desert rocks and mountains. i will never get tired of looking at or drawing mountains.
p.s. it has been brought to my attention my posts have not updated themselves in anyone's google reader thingy for almost a year! does anyone know how i can fix this?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

whoa oh oh

julianna has gone back to michigan for the whole winter which makes me sad :(
then i found out a bunch of etsy orders i literally sent out months ago never got sent. they just sat in a pile at the post office forgotten. you have no idea what rage this has caused me. between my computer breaking forever, spotty internet access and a bunch of art show work coming and going and driving me insane and then this happened. to people who have not gotten orders yet, i am so sorry. a similar thing happened to me around this time last year, give or take a month. portland has the worst postal system ever. on another tangent, i ordered some stuff from ebay that took 1 month to get here after the post office assured me it had been delivered the first week it was sent out. RAGE, RAGE!!! i know i am not the only person in portland who's had similar dumb problems, but i feel particularly cursed by the u.s.p.s. here. they have made me loose a lot of money on lost orders and inconvenienced a lot of my customers/friends/family members/myself.