Wednesday, December 30, 2009

bye 2009!

ok first of all it snowed. hallejujah! i love snow. i did an appreciation snow dance to this song in my granny pajamas. then i realized people could see in the apartment. harderbetterfasterstronger snow INDEED.

then we got amazing post christmas packages from graham's parental units. among other neat things, graham and i got beautiful teacups. we adore everything! thank you so much <3

then the excitement was too much for graham and he got an earache so bad that we have an emergency doctor's appointment later tonight. i expect i will get a lot of drawing done in the waiting room. poor bunny. despite feeling awful, the man will still put on a bowtie, and that is why i love him.

new years is going to be interesting. or nerdy. maybe both. i am sure it will involve champagne, violent femmes singalongs and tacos at some point.
i apologize if you read this thing expecting me to be exciting eventually. i am a complete dork, and usually stay at my desk painting and drawing all the time, but appreciate your company and wish we were all friends (those handful of you who read this who do not know me in real life but i wish we did) so i could make you some raspberry rhubarb pie.

anywho, happy belated holidays everyone, and a new year :)
xo and love, rebecca

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

never be lonely

i am trying to play catch up with myself to remember things better, this is me looking at happy events rewound this sick week. asian supermarket field trip with graham, glittery december at night, singalongs with these fierce lady loves,

and thank goodness for earl grey supreme tea.
oh my goodness it's almost christmas time, which means time for songs:

there is none to fear :)
love, rebecca

Monday, December 21, 2009


i got super sick in the wee hours of friday morning and the flubugs in my system have been partying ever since. i thought i was getting better until tonight, nooooo.
so please excuse my empty etsy update promise, if i said i'd hang out with you, and if i promised other nice things that would happen this weekend that didn't happen. i am sorry, they will hopefully happen soon. i just do not feel like doing much besides being a slug.
in other news, while sipping juice and wrapping my feet in a heating blanket, i ordered myself a present, this book:

in case you do not know this book (which you might want to fix right away), it's about two little kids, a sister and her little brother, who decide they are bored and fed up with life and run away from home to live in the metropolitan museum of art. it's great, possibly on the same level as phantom tollbooth and harriet the spy. oh 1960s child literature, how i love thee.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

little buddy

so sometimes i will be having tea on our bedroom windowsill,

and this little guy will put his little paw up to the window and say hello. hi little guy!
it's probably the cutest thing that has ever happened to me.

especially while listening to this song.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

oh well okay

back from family trips! now eating tortilla soup and also feeling kind of gross.
i have that awful feeling you get before you get sick that you've put off for weeks with airborne, tea and denial, but then you wake up with a headache and the touch of anything cold on bare skin hurts. i am going to continue ignoring this for as long as possible because the amount of things i have to do by the new year scares me.

in much more important news, graham surprised me with a tree! we decorated it with ornaments from mexico and things i made when i was three.
i need to take more pictures of my life adventures so i can remember more.

much love, rebecca
p.s. i highly rebeccamend everyone go out and get the fantastic mr. fox soundtrack, you will never regret it

Thursday, December 10, 2009


a little glimpse of a painting i am working on for my solo show in january!
my mom and i have matching teapots and teacups so i put it in there with my fairie rings and milkyway spirits and tea ghosts.
in other news i am with my whole family for the weekend and will be hanging out with them in the desert (where much of my family is located). i am so happy to see them because this little trip was a surprise and i missed them a lot!

now i should cut this short because my brothers require internet as well. hold your horses.

love, rebecca

p.s. a big etsy update is coming next week, probably on wednesday!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

a normal day

i got much needed new shoes! they are only $8 too! i adore their packaging almost as much as the shoes themselves. they are commonly meant for taichi practice, but since i do not know how to do taichi, i plan to use them for everything else since they are very comfy and make you feel like you can jump around. the word on the side supposedly means "warrior" in chinese too. all in all, i am pretty sure i have found the sneaker i will be wearing the rest of my life.

then i doodled around and brainstormed and painted some sea waves and apple trees with séances and foxes while watching spooky ghost shows and debated (around the 6 p.m. mark) whether to switch from the earl grey tea i've been drinking all day to wine. hmmmm. i decided to water my plants and make a grilled cheese tomato sandwich instead.

also, i am so excited for the holidays!!! i hung these little decorations my mom sent me up in our window to nat king cole last night, and tomorrow i am getting twinkle lights and a little pine wreath. it makes me really happy to hear these songs and decorate, but it also made me miss my family. my mom would play his christmas album 24 hour a day in december when my brothers and i were small (much to my dad's chagrin). we would eat roasted tomatoes&potatoes, quesadillas, homemade sugar cookies in the shape of hearts and red hots all month.

i have a couple shows and comics coming up that are occupying most of my time when i am not documenting new sneakers and christmas memories, so i will post about those very soon as well.

love always, rebecca

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

winter is blue

whee it's december!

a holiday time song