Monday, September 20, 2010

pa pa power

i have been making tiny blackberry pies and eating them for breakfast, sticky fingers all the time.
so it turns out i'm getting an operation in the near future! it will hopefully fix me for awhile and make me feel a bit better. it's a step in the right direction to making me better, more like my old strong billy goat self, and i am breathing sighs of relief. this has been a very busy and tiring week. i promise i will truly finish all my emails/chores by midweek! you may hold me to that.

this video is beautiful and made me tear up and want to try and do nice things for people everyday.

then after tearing up and being glad, i found the perfect house. yessiree! i would grow all my winter quash and peppermint by the back door.
also my mom and dad read my blog now! hi mom and dad! hallo!
love, rebecca
oh and P.S.

by the by i am in this show soon and i am excited about it! i don't know if i'll be well enough to go, but i am gonna try.

Friday, September 17, 2010

come wind come rain, YES.

yesterday and today have been rainy and windy and i love it so much. i found a long lost little red raincoat in the basement and i think when i feel up to it, i will take walks in the rain! something about wind and rain makes me calm, i do not know what it is. poor graham though, he is always hiking his way back and forth to work in this weather, all while impeccably dressed too which makes him a manly man.
today was also another super sick day, ugh. blerg. it is getting tiresome. i can't really sit at my desk too long to paint today which is unfortunate because i have a few little shows coming up.
i have actually been looking a lot more into natural medicine to maybe wean myself off some of the expensive prescriptions i am currently taking. there are lots of plants and natural vitamins i'm looking into, and apparently having tons of zuccini, chard, garlic, blueberries, almonds, spinach, flaxseeds and beet juice in your regular diet works wonders. i already eat pretty healthy (and a lot of those things already) but maybe eating them more and in their "purer forms" will help. i make my own chamomile/lavender and mint/lemon tea at home and that ALWAYS makes me feel at least 2X better than i would without it. i guess i gotta force myself to love beets.

in better news, in about 2 weeks it will be my birthday! i have made a list of things i would like because i am still an impatient 5 year old at heart.

this green sweater in a size large so it is cozy.

sturdy, never die, frye boots. i have been wanting these for years.

new perfume oil because my old one is all gone. i've been wearing this scent for nearly 6 years and it is my favorite :)

this pretty heart teacup in pink.

little ceramic pie dishes. since i'm always watching twin peaks over and over, i have pie on the brain.

while we're talking about twin peaks, owning this would make my life.
in addition, i love found objects like animal bones, pretty rocks and acorns. store bought objects include things like bargain bin candy bars, beeswax candles, bouncy balls, whiskey and socks.
i think that's about it forever unless i have a fairy godmother willing to present me with a macbook. you may also pray that i am well enough by october 28th so i can go to the janelle monae concert because i love her.
ok i am officially done being greedy... really i promise it does not take much to make me happy, usually red wine and good company do the trick.
i will probably be tired and having more tests done on my actual birthday :(. hopefully i will still be able to hang out with my friends for a bit, maybe eat some pumpkin pie, maybe (definitely) sing black flag songs to graham with the help of a helium balloon!

ok! graham is home and i have to go clean up, make soup, tackle my large email inbox while i have the strength of caffeinated morning tea pulsing through my veins and then tell him new ghost stories.

i love this song a lot, i've listened to it almost every day since i first heard it about 7 years ago.
love, rebecca

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i was radioactive!

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i want thunder storms! i am often too sickly feeling to go outside lately, but the other day i had a real good stretch of feeling awesome and went for a walk. the leaves are barely starting to change. i LOVE portland in fall. it is one of the best things i can think of.
i bought this pretty chocolate bar the other day and it tastes as delicious as i could have hoped. i am a sucker for good dark chocolate and almonds.
among other treats i got a ceramic "not a paper cup" coffee cup. i use it for my tea and soon for travel. i also got a composition notebook. story writing time has officially come. i hope i can finish my comic before christmas. i hope it's good and honest.
last week i had more tests done and y'all, i was actually radioactive for about half a week after aka until today. i kid you not. squeamish people don't read further, they injected radioactive liquid into my veins! and then more weird chemicals! then i lay on a table in what looked like a waffle iron for humans while impressing the nurses with my strength of holding up and reading a 4 pound book at a 90 degree angle from my body while remaining perfectly still (except for the page turning).
it was not a pleasant experience before, during or after, but not as terrible as i imagined.

we built a fort in the room to break up the day to day. there are twinkle lights inside and the room smells like lemongrass. i'm writing more and more everyday thinking about how to go about making an oak wood chair, carrot ginger soup from scratch, knitting mittens while watching twin peaks.
love, rebecca

Saturday, August 14, 2010

flowers are the things we know

greetings from a girl born in the year of the tiger.
this whole summer i have been sick as a dog. i had been feeling ill a lot this year, but this summer it has seriously gone downhill. on the days i wanted to be jumping in rivers, drinking lemonade with garden mint on our roof, and skateboarding, i was green and sleeping.
i will spare the gruesome details, but i have been making many a round at doctors' offices and filling many a prescription to feel a bit better, and until they figure out what to do with me. bleh. my appearances in person and this small corner of the internet have spotty and i apologize.
in happier news i have decided to grow out my hair. i loved my joan of arc hair but i am ready to have my black, wild woman hair again. i am sure in another couple years i will shave it all off again for fun.

i made a new small painting. it is currently up at ponyclub gallery in portland :) it's about ghostmilk sad mama (a new ghost friend!) and i breathing in the night air together.

i am up early a lot lately. i listen to this at sunrise.

it is perfect.
love, rebecca

p.s. the lovely print in the first picture is by the talented sarah

Sunday, July 11, 2010

summer is hot, i need ice and raspberries and wildflowers

i do not know what they are saying but this film is so beautiful.

i have been super sensitive to the heat lately (so much so that i had a total meltdown, no pun intended, at 3am the other night and being the nice man graham is, got up and helped me jam our 100lb AC in our bedroom window) and it's such a relief to have a cooler day today. hopefully portland has found a happy medium for weather. i had a cucumber sandwich and fresh watermelon today, it was GLORIOUS. i have also been making little pretend outfits to wear about town while laid up with heat blergness.
now it is time to eat more watermelon and sing with friends who are sitting in my room!
love, rebecca

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

holy sandwich

laundry day. i obviously like to dress like a cloud. a puffy cloud. with little satchels of lavender.

speaking of being puffy.
um, i just created the most amazing sandwich i ever had. the only way my life could get more perfect is if friends and i ate them together while floating down a summer river in the wilderness.

picnics on a mountain today i hope.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

the color of your favorite author

graham called my new nail polish "the color of virginia woolf's short stories".
i need to match with moby dick next.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

productive? i hope so.

i organized stuff and cleaned out my backpack.

then i tried to write and work on my story but got stuck, so i painted for the first time in a few months. i'm kind of excited about it! i will be adding more to it today.
love, rebecca

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

love like a sunset

a new fashion trend for summer. sprouting shoe lady!

a new drink trend for me: limonata with frozen raspberries, oh man.
a song i love and sounds like how i view los angeles in my mind which i am homesick for at the moment
love, rebecca

Thursday, June 10, 2010

hearts and bones

breakfast on a cloudy, rainy thursday and watching horror movies with graham. i love blackberry lemonade.
i refuse to run errands until my relax time is over!

also, dreaming of more days like this in this dreamy, comfy, built by wendy sweater since apparently june in portland often requires a sweater. wishes, meet fishes. also we are all kind of jamming out ALL THE TIME to dead man's bones this spring. they are pretty rad!
you better run! love, rebecca

Thursday, June 3, 2010

bum bum

today so far. a mountain of hankies! i had a strange dream about a tribe of aztecs hunting me with spears and screaming at me in spanish in the jungle because i could talk to ghosts and wrote apologies to the families they sacrificed to the gods on their behalf in an english looking cottage in the woods. yeah. anyway, upon waking this morning, i discovered i have lost my voice almost completely, so i'm also going to add a lot of mint tea and honey to the equation.
i tried my hand at homemade tomato soup the other night to ease my chills/pump my body with vitamin c. it turned out really good, and is pretty easy and delicious, also, 100% vegan! the recipe called for more salt than i thought was needed, but put it in anyway. therefore, the soup is a little too salty for my liking, but i just water it down at bit with some water and soymilk and it's delicious. i used fresh basil too from my makeshift herb garden on the kitchen table, but it was worth it because homegrown and fresh ingredients make a universe of difference. pair it with fresh toasted whole grain sourdough, heaven. a strawberry was for desert.

oh and tonight julianna is in a show at ponyclub gallery here in portland. show starts at 6. it will be great! the address is 625 NW Everett St.

sneezing along all day to this song. i turned into a hooligan!
love, rebecca

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


i've been sick and holed up in bed for three miserable days with what i can only assume is the flu. blerg. currently craving an inhaler or a hot toddy so i can sleep less fitfully instead of tossing and turning and watching favorite movies to distract myself, on repeat.
i have news, actual proof of productivity news soon. yeah!
back to sleeping and tea.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i'm covered in bug bites

gloomy days. where oh where is the sun :(

cupcakes and spring flowers only go so far with this song on repeat:

i have now resorted to despondently drawing/sketching out the layout of my new booklet while watching "the craft" a million times in a row. i can't wait till it's finished, i feel like i am wrapping up the biggest book report of my life, except i made up the story. sometimes i forget i can draw whatever i want, even if it's really strange. i've discovered a new haunted lady ghost lately and can't stop drawing her!
actually things are not so gloomy at all, i just miss sunlight and breathing through my nose (stuffy eterna). would anyone like to come over and make a pillow and sheet fort with me? you bring the gin, i'll bring the bessie smith albums.
love, rebecca

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


my friend ari showed this to me the other day and it's been on my mind ever since.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


i have had this perfume since i was 14. it smells just like strawberry candy.

this is my perfume now. it smells like flowers and fresh laundry and a little bit of honey.
they both sit together now on our chest of drawers.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

hello world i'm your wild girl

today will consist of reunions (julianna yay you are finally coming home from california adventure!), walks, hugs and hopefully fresh baked pie. this spring has been really something special. i feel like my life is growing into me, or i am growing into something? i am not sure how to put it. it's all gardening, strawberries, mountains, projects, ghosts and writing/drawing at my desk for 7 hour stretches. i'm also trying to start an all girls laurelhurst park skateboard picnic club. we will skate around, have fun, and then have a picnic bbq when we are all scraped up, dirty and hungry after a few hours. sounds like my 14 year old self and a dream come true! it's new and more orderly life, but i like it! set schedules and growing a little bit of roots are not the enemy after all. what a relief.

i listen to this when i am making tea. it makes me feel super happy and tough. tough tea! time to go make it so i can be tough and happy all day long.
love, rebecca

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

sea and sandwich ceremony

we've spent some time at sea and spent some time trying to get warm and ate a hundred sandwiches between us.