Saturday, April 24, 2010

cool things

i got new shoes (finally) and broke them in last night at graham's solo show/stumptown kickoff party with enough free beer to inebriate an army, and then today taking a small walk around stumptown comics fest.

handsome graham (the babe on the far right) was tabling with the awesome julia, her cute bb franklin, and sean. everyone had new comics!

then i stopped at the art bureau table where one of my stories about my milkyway spirit was published in an anthology,the colorful one in the middle of my loot. yay :)

after so much action i finally feel like now i can wind down, put on my fuzzy slippers, watch a thousand episodes of dexter in bed, make a garden shopping list, and eat huge bowls of noodle soup. yesssss such a rad day
bloop bloop
love, rebecca

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i like to document

favorite breakfast: toasted everything bagel with cream cheese, avocado, tiny sun warmed tomatoes, with fresh ground salt and pepper. homemade lavender tea.

favorite soft cardigan, blouse and pin.

favorite song to hum hum hum
what are your favorites? anyone? bueller?
i tried my first egg cream in a swanky deli the other day after years (over a decade) of being curious due to "harriet the spy". i must say, i found it pretty delicious! i wonder why they call it an egg cream since it has neither egg, nor cream in it? it's a mystery.
love, rebecca
p.s. happy birthday little brother peter aka speedy petey! i remember the day you were born, and how i demanded that you speak to me, then being very sad after dad informed me i had to wait at least another year to get you to talk back to me. also i remember me and you in a little tent of greenbeans wearing homemade satin capes in the backyard, and eating dirt smudged sandwiches like wild children. it was awesome. i cannot even comprehend you are 21. we are so old! easy on the tequila xo

Friday, April 16, 2010

april showers

today i did not feel good at all, physically or emotionally. everything seemed to be going kind of bonkers, but then i got cool mail! postcards from sarah mcneil's beautiful shop, and cute little tea towels and a yellow crayon from mieke willems.

THEN, julianna and graham convinced me that everything was going to be ok and to stop being a big baby, and we went to eat at broders with our buddy sarah. i got a grilled cheese tomato with carrot ginger soup, and they gave us these beautiful complimentary little "danish pancakes" with lemon curd, lingonberry jam and apple sauce. it was pitch perfect, everything there is always amazing and so fresh, yes!! i still feel pretty seedy, but loads better than before. there are beautiful flowers everywhere, and i think i just needed a rest; also having great friends helps.

love, rebecca
p.s. happy birthday to my little brother chris! he is 19 as of yesterday, which kind of blows my mind. chris i remember pushing you around the pavement in a tonka truck toy (that's how small you were!) and playing "airplane" (for those who are unfamiliar with "airplane", it is a bigger person balancing a little person while lying down with their feet in the air), and now you are huge and can pick me up. that's crazy. happy birthday!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a moody time

i love our jumbly, cozy little room. it keeps us safe from all the rain.
today the weather is super moody and i feel extremely restless, so much so that i will probably spend the rest of the day scarfing down ginger and lavender tea (i am so stoked i can now make my own homemade tea!) to calm my nerves. i don't even know what i am so restless and even a bit sad about! usually i am a pretty quiet, calm person. lately i have too many thoughts zooming around. i'm saving up for a summer-fall garden. i have plans but sometimes lack the funds for them. it's hard trying to live off of drawings, though i appreciate every moment. i will probably end up watching "valerie and her week of wonders", which is my comfort movie going on 3 years. it's probably kind of weird that it's my comfort movie, oh well.

vents aside, julianna picked up a magazine for anja at the asian market and we poked through it a bit (sorry anja, it was just so pretty!) and then i found the outfit i want to wear for the rest of my life. functional and cute, so perfect!

oh! and i have real news! graham, the honey to my oatmeal, the tortilla to my quesadilla, the most awesome human i know, is having his first solo show in less than 2 weeks at guapo comics, here in pdx! he designed the sweet poster shown above! his second issue of blunderbus is coming out too. if you live in portland, you should totally come. you'll see great art, get free booze, be supporting a great and talented guy and a great thing, independent comics.
now it is time for me to go make some tea.
love, rebecca
p.s. um, speaking of comics and graham, i just realized this is totally me (as hopey) and him (as maggie) almost every morning

Sunday, April 11, 2010

reminding me to know that i'm glad

i cut my hair very short (i think it's only about 3 inches left on my head, i call it my "joan of arc" haircut) and have been trying my best to eat only fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and fresh baked bread. in fact, i am baking a new loaf of rosemary bread and eating an orange as i write this! soon i will walk up to the top of mt. tabor and sit and think with music in my ears.
i really like that i live near a mountain called mt. tabor, because the transfiguration always was one of my favorite stories from the bible as a little girl. i think it's partly why i paint mountains so much.

speaking of mountains i am currently working on a painting i started a year and a half ago and hated (about snowy mountains). now that i look at it again, i understand it, and need to finish it instead of my original hissyfit idea of using it for firewood. i am so glad i held onto it!
love and besos!