Saturday, April 24, 2010

cool things

i got new shoes (finally) and broke them in last night at graham's solo show/stumptown kickoff party with enough free beer to inebriate an army, and then today taking a small walk around stumptown comics fest.

handsome graham (the babe on the far right) was tabling with the awesome julia, her cute bb franklin, and sean. everyone had new comics!

then i stopped at the art bureau table where one of my stories about my milkyway spirit was published in an anthology,the colorful one in the middle of my loot. yay :)

after so much action i finally feel like now i can wind down, put on my fuzzy slippers, watch a thousand episodes of dexter in bed, make a garden shopping list, and eat huge bowls of noodle soup. yesssss such a rad day
bloop bloop
love, rebecca


  1. wow! that comics fest looks right- on. love yer new kix and especially those fuzzy wooly slipperz too.

  2. those shoes are all kinds of wonderful! x

  3. ankle socks! hurrah! those boots are a great colour. and i wish i had some noodle soup right about now :)

  4. Those slippers look so lovely and comfy, wishing I had some like that right now! xx

  5. Loving the new shoes, and wow, what a cool cat crowd of comic geeks!
    xo. M

  6. I am dying to have those kind of illustratiooons. :)

  7. hello and thanks everyone!
    graham, i was totally sleepy. then i was hungry.