Sunday, January 24, 2010


around mid to late january i start to crave a few certain things:

fantastic books about murderous girls

frozen yogurt

pink cheeks

cutting my hair very short

flying kites

valerie and her week of wonders soundtrack on repeat for weeks. the best soundtrack of all time!

the smell of wood burning in stoves or outdoors in snow, and kittens.
it's like a seasonal thoughts disorder.
love, rebecca


a few pictures of my first solo show taken by my little brother chris! i always seem to forget my camera at important times. thank you lebasse gallery friends! thank you my loved ones!
also, thank you for the kind comments and words everyone <3

Friday, January 15, 2010

i raise my flag up into your heart

one of the best music videos and prettiest songs! it's one of those very special songs that always makes me feel better no matter how badly things are going or how rotten i feel. everyone should sing along to it right now so we can all actually be singing together!
my show is tomorrow and i always feel skiddish before an opening. i kind of started showing my work in galleries on accident (it was discovered on a train to south central, los angeles and i was working as a truck unloader at the time), and have been doing it as a meager income since i was about 19. i do not feel like a real art person (and nor am i really), but more like a really awkward girl who draws her made up stories. it's scary to know i have an audience (no matter how small) besides myself, friends and the various feral animals that have wandered in and out of my rooms. whether it lasts forever or ends today, it frightens and humbles me and has helped me make my life into some kind of wonderful.
anyway, thank you small group of very kind people i have rooting for me (especially you julianna and graham, the loves of my life and best roommates ever and sharers of endless piles of pizza/life/bloody marys), thank you <3

i feel like this photo i took lately.
love, rebecca

Thursday, January 14, 2010

new to me

a little bit of one of my new paintings. it's about la llorona, one of my greatest fears as a little girl.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

places to go

so many places look like home that i haven't seen yet.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

it's the worst!

demon hands, it's the worst!
i have a solo show next week called "a crying shame" at lebasse gallery. preparing for it has slowly made me lose my feeble mind, but i am really happy with my paintings and will be glad to be in los angeles with my family to eat fresh from the garden tomato soup, talk to my little brothers, maybe do a little window installation and see the ocean. it is such a nice feeling to get the stories in my head out onto little planks of wood. it's like a non wizard version of a pensieve. i feel like a mint leaf. i hope that makes sense to you but don't blame you if it doesn't.

i love this song, it has made me use the expression "it's the worst" way too much, but i don't mind because it's often appropriate. i am also posting it in honor of mimi (the opposite of a creep) who just had a big ole birthday! happy belated birthday mimi i love you!

then i didn't feel good with flu residual and watched "me without you" for the umpteenth time and sobbed into my blackberry english muffin and tea.

love your little creep, rebecca