Monday, March 29, 2010

being tidy is not in my nature

there are henry darger flowers going completely nuts everywhere!

on one of my walks to mount tabor i made graham a bowtie out of grass. i love going for walks now. for awhile, going outside was a tense chore, but now i am getting better and remembering that my happiness is often determined by how long i am outside. it is also determined by good burritos, which i totally have covered. i have some serious bike plans (paint job, new tires, proper helmet) for the summer where my love of the great outdoors, wind in my hair and retrieving good burritos shall all become united.

the rest of the day will be spent preparing! preparing with fresh coffee and pastries, preparing for parents! they are visiting all week and i am so happy, but it also means that i need to make everything clean and get a lot done. i like to get ready to bikini kill, riot grrrl cleaning is now in session:

but not without mint tea first.
love, rebecca

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

tea things and paint things

i recently got some flowers to make tea with (chamomile, jasmine and lavender) from a local herb shop, and so far i am pretty ready to only make loose tea with fresh herbs from now on. i also got a beautiful mug from this beautiful shop (seen above).
i have been trying my hardest this past week to walk to the top of mount tabor everyday, but yesterday while on my way back down, hurt my foot. now i can barely put pressure on it :(

so today is a prepare more pages for stumptown comics/brainstorm paintings day. i have been working on this one painting forever! it is very big and has enough tiny details to drive me completely insane (i've actually had to use a magnifying glass on this one several times). i am a masochistic painter!
that's all the news from lake woebegone you guys. hope all is well.
love, rebecca
p.s. if you live in portland and haven't been to delta, you totally need to go! our sweet friend sarah invited julianna and i and it's kind of amazing and i am eternally grateful. get the "hey-ya!", it's cucumber infused vodka with fresh cranberry juice, very refreshing and tasty! i am going to try to re-create it this summer to compliment my grilled vegetables + dirty rice all summer long meal plan. it sounds like a pretty heavenly combo to me.

Monday, March 22, 2010

the ranunculus spirit call

a little old, but i like it (my painting). you do it too(the survey)! only if you want to of course :)
about me/if i was:
a month, i would be: september
a day of the week, i would be: tuesday
a time of day, i would be: the quiet time in morning where everyone is still asleep, the sun is still not up, and everything is violet, gray and blue
a planet, i would be: poor pluto
a sea animal, i would be: a deep sea angler
a direction, i would be: the wandering kind
a piece of furniture, i would be: a warm bed next to a window
a sin, i would be: capable of all
a historical figure, i would be: laika the puppy
a liquid, i would be: mint lemonade, chamomile tea, tequila buried under a porch
a stone, i would be: a small one in a tidepool
a tree, i would be: hazelnut tree
a bird, i would be: sparrow
a tool, i would be: good, handmade scissors
a flower/plant, i would be: lavender, peonies, queen anne's lace
a kind of weather, i would be: the cold dark gray cloudy/sunny, just before a storm
a mythical creature, i would be: selkie
a musical instrument, i would be: banjolele
an animal, i would be: a small black bear
a colour, i would be: pale yellow, minty white
a vegetable, i would be: green beans
a sound, i would be: mountain air silence at 8 a.m.
an element, i would be: a bit of all of them
a car, i would be: i would never be a car. i find them terrifying and still haven't learned to drive.
a song, i would be: the transfiguration
a movie, i would be directed by: truffaut
a book, i would be written by: a kind and astute 6 year old
a food, i would be: grilled cheese and fresh garden tomato sandwich
a place, i would be: a sunny spot in a room in a house surrounded by safe trees and clean running rivers
a material, i would be: a sun dried white cotton blouse
a taste, i would be: mint, blackberry, almond
a scent, i would be: lavender, fresh laundry
a religion, i would be: none, i would just love god and everyone else
a word, i would be: flawed
an object, i would be: binoculars
a body part, i would be: right hand
a facial expression, i would be: looking out a train window
a subject in school, i would be: recess
a cartoon character, i would be: maggie and hopey and izzy all rolled into one
a shape, i would be: sea water in your cupped hands
a number, i would be: 3
* * *

songs to wake up to
love, rebecca

Friday, March 19, 2010

nice things to remember when i'm old

surprise macaron days with julianna. YES. i think they are rose, violet and pistachio. my favorite kind of flavors.

i decided on these moscot glasses since i have no vision care anymore (THANKS AMERICA edit, now with no sarcasm!nevermind thank you obama), and cannot afford contacts anymore. i think they're pretty sharp. they remind me of truman capote glasses which is fitting since we have the same birthday.
also, somehow my head smells like honeysuckle. i like it.
these spring days are pretty great so far! like this (below) but instead of being tragic sebastians we are all happy sebastians!

love, rebecca

Monday, March 15, 2010

and you'll follow the creek that runs out into the sea

last night and today was kind of like the wind coming back into my sails. we (meaning the usual trio of julianna, graham and myself) went out with our friends to breakfast. it was wonderful! you'd never believe it by looking at those magnificent eggs, but the best part of my breakfast was the tea which was jasmine-lavender. i need to figure out the proper plants to buy so that i can re-create it all summer long.
later on, graham and i went for a walk:

i brought things home and listened to this beautiful song over and over that my friend raquel shared with me.

love, rebecca
p.s. just in case you missed it and need to contact me, i have a new/temporary email address "" due to my old one being hacked and inaccessible to me right now. i'm starting to tackle all my missed connections tonight and all day tomorrow, thank you everyone for being so kind and understanding!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

god is good

lately i am deeply interested in palmistry, rock power, homemade green tea and the warm weather folklore of the deep south.

i don't know how it would feel to be a mexican american woman with gardenias and sweet tea on her front porch in the deep south (probably kind of weird or scary in reality? perhaps only humid?) but i can't help but romanticize what it is as a place. summer must be around the corner because that is when i start to romanticize everything.
love, rebecca

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i am the melody of a fallen tree

(a photo with a mystery author, but where i'd like to hide)
long time no see.
sorry for my absence. i have had a lot of personal and other crazy work stuff going on for the past, oh, nearly 2 months, and for those reasons have pretty much not been on the internet at all. upon my recent return, i found my old email has been hacked (or something equally weird/shady) and i cannot access it AT ALL, no matter what i do, yet am able to log into my blogger. please write to me at my new/temporary email if you need to get in contact with me!
more normal, together, rebecca-ness will start by next week, i'm still reeling from all i've missed.
love and sincerity, rebecca
a song for hopeful and better days