Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i'm covered in bug bites

gloomy days. where oh where is the sun :(

cupcakes and spring flowers only go so far with this song on repeat:

i have now resorted to despondently drawing/sketching out the layout of my new booklet while watching "the craft" a million times in a row. i can't wait till it's finished, i feel like i am wrapping up the biggest book report of my life, except i made up the story. sometimes i forget i can draw whatever i want, even if it's really strange. i've discovered a new haunted lady ghost lately and can't stop drawing her!
actually things are not so gloomy at all, i just miss sunlight and breathing through my nose (stuffy eterna). would anyone like to come over and make a pillow and sheet fort with me? you bring the gin, i'll bring the bessie smith albums.
love, rebecca

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


my friend ari showed this to me the other day and it's been on my mind ever since.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


i have had this perfume since i was 14. it smells just like strawberry candy.

this is my perfume now. it smells like flowers and fresh laundry and a little bit of honey.
they both sit together now on our chest of drawers.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

hello world i'm your wild girl

today will consist of reunions (julianna yay you are finally coming home from california adventure!), walks, hugs and hopefully fresh baked pie. this spring has been really something special. i feel like my life is growing into me, or i am growing into something? i am not sure how to put it. it's all gardening, strawberries, mountains, projects, ghosts and writing/drawing at my desk for 7 hour stretches. i'm also trying to start an all girls laurelhurst park skateboard picnic club. we will skate around, have fun, and then have a picnic bbq when we are all scraped up, dirty and hungry after a few hours. sounds like my 14 year old self and a dream come true! it's new and more orderly life, but i like it! set schedules and growing a little bit of roots are not the enemy after all. what a relief.

i listen to this when i am making tea. it makes me feel super happy and tough. tough tea! time to go make it so i can be tough and happy all day long.
love, rebecca

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

sea and sandwich ceremony

we've spent some time at sea and spent some time trying to get warm and ate a hundred sandwiches between us.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

hark! a rodent! in other news: hi mom

(this morning's organized desk process: philosophy books, czech books, candy bars, pretty perfume,lavender diamond, comics, postcards, paint)
we have a seasonal window. this means that from october-may it is hopelessly stuck closed and may-september it is hopelessly stuck open. this morning at 7am sharp, this little bastard came running into our room and leaping around our bed. i was semi sleeping and felt tiny feet running around on my body but was too lazy to move and for some reason, didn't think much of it. graham on the other hand bolted and started yelling "jesus christ! a squirrel! get out of here! AUGHHH!"
our poor squirrel friend was absolutely terrified and ran back out the window. graham was absolutely horrified and had to go back to bed. i ate some apple slices and organized drawings, sketched ideas for new painted lockets, drank a pint of raspberry lemonade, and now i am going to go make breakfast and run errands.

in news unrelated to squirrels, but related to happiness: happy mothers day mom! thank you for reading "go dog go" and "the secret garden" over and over to me non-stop for 6 years without ever losing patience, growing us a tent of greenbeans when we were little, and a million other things.

love, rebecca