Saturday, August 14, 2010

flowers are the things we know

greetings from a girl born in the year of the tiger.
this whole summer i have been sick as a dog. i had been feeling ill a lot this year, but this summer it has seriously gone downhill. on the days i wanted to be jumping in rivers, drinking lemonade with garden mint on our roof, and skateboarding, i was green and sleeping.
i will spare the gruesome details, but i have been making many a round at doctors' offices and filling many a prescription to feel a bit better, and until they figure out what to do with me. bleh. my appearances in person and this small corner of the internet have spotty and i apologize.
in happier news i have decided to grow out my hair. i loved my joan of arc hair but i am ready to have my black, wild woman hair again. i am sure in another couple years i will shave it all off again for fun.

i made a new small painting. it is currently up at ponyclub gallery in portland :) it's about ghostmilk sad mama (a new ghost friend!) and i breathing in the night air together.

i am up early a lot lately. i listen to this at sunrise.

it is perfect.
love, rebecca

p.s. the lovely print in the first picture is by the talented sarah