Friday, January 21, 2011

modern girl

after a very long, hard year where it felt like my normally very full life was put on hold (to hell with 2010, who needs it), this new years started off very scary and fast, but felt fresh and so happy at the same time. i have been so sick and after many months, an operation and a few scary emergency room/hospital visits, i am *knock on wood and pray* that i am doing better. i am better in every sense and so in love with graham, my life, portland, the world. i still need some time to regroup, but i am back.


  1. i'm so very happy to see you again! (in the virtual posting sense, naturally)

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Best wishes for the New Year! I am looking forward to reading your new blog.

  3. glad your back too! i missed seeing your work and blog posts!

  4. hooray! i am glad you are back + alive. :)

  5. hello there! a few years ago i saw very lovely photos that you had put up on your myspace {cringe!}. i was a fan of meagan day's music and you were on her friends list. anyways, i recently looked back to try and find if you had been blogging or had any links to see your art {which i find very very lovely} and was led to septembear. i was sad to see that once i had found it, you were no longer posting... but low and behold! here you are. i'm sorry to hear that your absence has been due to health issues, but i'm glad that you're fighting it with such an optimistic attitude {excuse me, i sound like a cheeseball}!

    i felt a bit more comfortable saying this here because seeing the breathe owl breathe snippet hit close to home. i think their music is most pleasant, and i've had quite a few chances to see them since i reside not too far from their home.

    mostly i wanted to tell you that your bits & pieces are inspiring. it's all very beautiful. so thanks for keeping it up.

  6. Hi Rebecca, my husband Paul and I purchased a few of your paintings from Beau Basse's gallery. Paul showed me your blog postings about your health issues. I can't figure out how to send you a private message so I'll just share here that I had 5 surgeries and two types of radiation treatment for my illness between 2007 and 2009. I now follow up with my team of doctors (which includes an oncologist) every six months. I'd be happy to share more details about my own experiences if you'd like.

  7. oh PHEW, rebecca--i drop in occasionally to check on you (since you left livejournalland) and when i saw you'd been sick and all of a sudden stopped posting i was like OH NO (because i always assume the worst, unfortunately.) but it's great to see your happy socks up in the air again. SO great.