Saturday, January 22, 2011

painted my nails wicked and went to chinatown

i made a new year resolution to write everyday (or almost everyday) and really journal what is going in my life on so i have more to look back on, and so my mom can see what i am up to. i am starting today!
well hello adrenaline. the apt downstairs had a burning pot and rooms full of smoke, but julianna and i fixed it and put it out best we could and let their poor dogs out till the neighbors got back. SCARY. also it smelt awful! we took turns taking showers afterward to scrub off the awful smoke smell.
since i can't really drink anymore, i am sipping a ginger beer. never had i needed a real beer more, but this will do. it tastes like springtime.
today is the bean's (aka graham's) 28th birthday! old handsome man.
i feel bad spending money right now, especially after lil birthday times for the bean, but i don't regret it. it was too good/cheap to pass up and now a little french basket is my new purse, like jane birkin!
also this song is stuck in my heart/mind all the time, well, when sibylle baier isn't on repeat anyway. this album was one of graham's birthday presents today.
love, rebecca

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