Sunday, January 30, 2011

questions i wonder about people and answer for myself personally

*what's in your bag
*what perfume do you wear
*what is your favorite song currently
*what is your favorite mountain
mt. tabor.
*cactus or fern
though i love both, i am partial to cacti.
*were you punk in high school
i'm always punk!
*favorite constellation
 ursa major, ursa minor and cassiopeia
*favorite drink, first decent, then indecent
mint lemonade, maker's mark whiskey
*favorite sandwich
grilled cheese with a hearty slice of heirloom garden tomato
*blackberry or raspberry
*favorite film
it's always been

 *are you really a good egg
sometimes. i try really hard.
love, rebecca


  1. I am a fellow basket bearer. Cedar. Three Little Birds (a la elizabeth mitchell) St. Helens. Maidenhair. Middle school after-school closet punk. Orion. Cheddar and crisp apple. Every-berry. Vertical Ray of the Sun. Earl Grey with maple syrup/Bison Vodka. Good enough. Love this post.

  2. in my satchel you can find all the regular stuff + a sudoku book... i wear tous perfume because it smells like gardenias... my favourite song these days is rope and summit by junip... my favourite mountain is actually a vulcano, it's called Popocatepetl and I grew up seeing it... I prefer cacti, but really succulents are my most favourite plant ever... i was totally a punk in high school, and i still am when i am angrey (what do i get! oooh! what do i get!)... we share the same favourite constellations, but i think ursa major is a bit superior... my favourite drink is ceylan black tea with a bit of soy milk, and at night i like gin and tonics... my sandwich is smoked turkey, french lettuce, tarragon mustard and la vache qui rie... i like rapsberries best of all... as for movies i like tacones lejanos a lot... i am a bad apple :(

    glad you are back!

  3. big hearts for valeria and her week of wonders. great purse contents too! wish mine was so neat, but its just a mess

  4. Can't thank you enough for introducing me to Sibylle Baier. Still listening...