Saturday, February 26, 2011

wah wah wah wah wonder

i drew things i was thinking/dreaming about
i have been having a lot of worried thoughts lately, but also a lot of hopeful ones too.
also, hey i am in a rad art show tonight! 

i swear i am going to get better about talking about all the neat things i am doing. it's a lady group show at guapo comics. it will be up for about a month or so. sadly i am not able to go to the opening because i am sick again. ugh. BLERG. on the bright side graham and i are going to draw comics together, drink hot tea and be cozy.
ok comics and rest time.
love, rebecca


  1. i wish i could go! but alas i do not live anywhere close to magical portland. :( i love the new's so fun to look around and around at!

  2. Hey Rebecca! Just reminding you that I need your article tonight or tomorrow!


  3. Ooh I would have gone if I had known!

  4. okay, so i just discovered your blog and would like to tell you your drawings are AMAZING!!!