Thursday, June 21, 2012

I made a new painting this week and listed it in my shop today! It’s called “Lucky Friend Pile” because of all the friendly, but very protective little cats, moths and ghosts hiding in the wild flowers in the early evening. The oranges ripening on the trees as well as little touches on her socks are done in shimmery gold ink and the flowers were painted using guache and red hibiscus tea. The background is stained with black tea. I painted it on upcycled pine wood, so it smells like black tea and a forest. It feels alive to me, and wild.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shop Update

i finally updated my shop with brand new prints! lily moon, orange blossom orchard and wicked mountain. i also re-stocked my ghost guides which had sold out (thank you!). i am going to be producing more prints soon and updating my shop with new lockets and original art by next week!
the prints are all signed in pencil by yours truly. they are not numbered, but none are alike because i draw different little symbols of affection and good luck on each one.

If you’d like, please check it out, and feel free to spread the word :)