Wednesday, October 9, 2013

kicking the nest

I listed a little original painting in my shop called "Kicking the Nest". A feisty young lady wears chamomile + mint leaf flower crown and smokes a pipe with pink smoke. She is kicking a fire burnt, sugar skull beehive and is testing the patience of those bees. Her best friend, a sweet little King Snake, protects her from the bee stings. It’s about the unexpected, the untamed and the endearingly wild side of life. Wildflowers bloom, birds chase each other, a river races toward the sea and the day grows darker…or is it fading into daybreak?

The wood used is all re-claimed (aka upcycled) maple. The background itself is stained with blackberries and black tea. Other materials used are guache, acrylics, ink and mixing with red hibiscus tea for many of the wild flowers.The painting itself, as always, is made with a lot of love.

1 comment:

  1. oh, i love your work!! one day i hope to own an original (we'll see if this one's still available by the time my paychq rolls around...). :)